Helena Beats – The Top 10 Indie Tracks of the Moment

Helena Beats is UnderSong's monthly chart of the top ten songs that are so damn catchy they make us want to make fools of ourselves dancing in public places. Compiled by editor Charlie (or Helena, for the purposes of this chart) with assistance and recommendations from other contributors and readers.

Indie, and particularly indie pop/dance, is something frequently dismissed as 'music for hipsters'. Myself, I'm a testament to just how untrue this statement is. I'm no hipster. Most days I barely remember my own name, let alone that of the newest biggest bands who have played just one gig somewhere in Shoreditch two weeks ago. I don't even own a pair of skinny jeans, for fear of being mistaken for a marauding water buffalo and shot. And yet, I unashamedly and unreservedly love indie, particularly indie that I can shake my wooty (YES, IT'S A THING) to. So here it is: My weekly chart of the biggest and best indie dancefloor fillers. Join me in my not-so-guilty pleasure, and I hope you too find something here you enjoy.

As this is the first ever edition of HB, I thought I'd mix in a few of my favourite tracks from the last 12 months as well as some of the more recent tracks currently dominating the UnderSong stereo.

10. Foster The People – Helena Beat

How could I not include our namesake? Helena Beat is the opening track from FTP's debut LP, a deliciously catchy piece of quirky indie pop. The post-apocalyptic video is also well worth checking out here even if just to have a sneaky perv at the FTP lads looking all beat up and dirty.

9. The Concept – Gimme Twice

Phoenix soundalikes The Concept are an indie pop band from Sweden who recently signed to Sony. Expect big things from this lot in the latter half of 2012.

8. Lights – Toes

Wee Canadian lady Lights (her real name by the way, though she was actually born with the less exotic moniker of Valerie) follows in Ellie Goulding's footsteps on this track from recently released debut album Siberia.

7. Shearwater – Animal Life

Only the deaf could fail to appreciate the toe-tapping urgency on this track from critically acclaimed US indie purveyors Shearwater. Warning: may in some cases lead to dangerous bouts of rocking.

6. Grouplove – Tongue Tied

Yes, it's that track from the Apple ads. A joyous ode to teenage fumblings disguised as an innocent pop ditty about 'sleepovers' at your best friend's house. This makes me ridiculously happy. Embedding from Soundcloud is not allowed for this track, so you'll have to make do with the video.

5. Penguin Prison – Don't Fuck With My Money

Penguin Prison bring the funk in this track from their 2011 debut album. One of the most genuinely innovative indie bands to emerge in the last 12 months. When I played editor Lizzie this track, she didn't listen to anything else for three days.

4. Jonquil – It's My Part

Carries you away to a tropical paradise. Close your eyes and picture the girls in grass skirts, cocktails laden with fresh fruit, and try to resist doing the hula with a stranger on your commute to work. More difficult than it sounds.

3. Tanlines – All Of Me

One of the standout tracks from recently released debut LP Mixed Emotions. Yes, it sounds a little bit Europop. When a song is this catchy, I don't care, and neither will you.

2. Zulu Winter – We Should Be Swimming

Another smart, lilting piece of summery indie pop from the cerebral Londoners, who recently supported Foster the People on their UK tour. Can't wait to hear what other upbeat treats their forthcoming debut album has in store for us.

1. Miike Snow – Paddling Out

Number one this week, a track I DARE you not to dance to... bet you can't do it. I couldn't stay still if you paid me... Oh, and as you're here, you may as well read our full Miike Snow album review here

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