Interview: Fixtures

Talking to sheep, Oceansize and British Indie. Just a few of the things that were discussed when UnderSong's own Dip caught up with Ash from Bath based four piece, Fixtures.

I first discovered the awesome band that is Fixtures when I saw them support The Xcerts at Moles in Bath and since then their fabulous EP, Willow, has been a regular on my generic music player that is also a phone. The band are made up of Sam on bass and electronics, Savage on drums with Ash and Ben sharing the guitar duties. Vocals are predominantly from Ash, with Ben and Savage providing back up.

For the people that have never heard of Fixtures, How would you describe your music?

That question’s always a tough one, no matter what band you’re in. I’ve always thought we were a kind of mutant Indie band. We’re all big fans of the British Indie scene from 2003-2005, so we try to put some of that in here and there. I guess we use that sound as a kind of base and then add all sorts of weird Rock sub-genres on top. Somehow it all seems to work together, but god knows how.

Are there any bands/artists that you admire and wish to emulate?

We all listen to pretty different things, so I think this list could be a mile long. I’ll try to make it as short as possible. Savage, our drummer, listens to a lot of obscure post-rock like Penguinsmeat and Oh Hiroshima. Whereas, Sam listens to a lot of synth-pop and indie, like Depeche Mode and The Drums. Ben's into Incubus, Mars Volta and a lot of alt. and prog rock and I'm a massive Oceansize obsessive.

When did you decide to form a band, and what were your motivations behind it?

We formed about a year and a half ago I think. Originally there were just three of us (myself, Ben and Savage), until we found Sam. We’re all pretty strange and strange people tend to enjoy the company of other strange people.

What albums are you looking forward to being released this year?

We’ve been a fan of this awesome band called Don Broco for a while now and their first full length LP is coming out later this year. From what I’ve heard, it’s gonna be full of summer anthems and we love a good anthem. Our Bristolian buddies, Flights, are releasing something big pretty soon as well and that’s bound to be stunning. If you haven’t listened to them yet, you should. Of course the new Sigur Ros album is incredibly exciting and I think I’m going to set aside a day just to listen to it on repeat.

I’m a chef and can do an amazing Paul Smith (of Maxïmo Park fame) impression. Can you tell me interesting oddities about the people who make up Fixtures?

This I need to hear. Maxïmo Park are one of the few bands that, we all agree, are massively rad and Paul Smith is a living legend.

Anyway, I kind of went off on a tangent there. Sam, our bassist, can do the most convincing sheep impression you’ve ever heard. It’s terrifying. We’ve caught him having full conversations with flocks of them before. Savage, our drummer, has quite a few unusual “talents”. His most impressive being the brute strength of his feet. They’re like eagle talons.

Gigs: What’s the last gig you went to, the best gig you’ve ever played and the best gig you’ve ever been to?

The last gig I went to was in Camden. I saw this totally crazy band called The Chariot. It was super intense and I strongly recommend seeing them if you fancy doing a week’s worth of exercise in a night. The best gig we’ve played was definitely our support slot for And So I Watch You From Afar. The crowd was awesome, we were supporting with our buddies Flags and we got to see ASIWYFA in Moles, which is a lot smaller than the venues they usually play. It was a super sweet night.

I’m afraid I’m going to break the rules for the best gig I’ve watched and pick two. My first is Oceansize in the Thekla. I am beyond obsessed with them and seeing them live was a wet dream. The fact that it was on their last tour before they broke up was the icing on the cake.

Ben and I popped down to The Trinity Centre a couple of years ago to check out 65DaysOfStatic. They were so good, it was like a religious experience. The opening band, Nedry, blew us away as well and we were lucky enough to get a support slot for them in The Croft on April 26th 2012. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Willow is a stunning EP, when can we expect more music to be released?

Thanks man. It took a while to make and we’re really pleased with it. We’re in the middle of recording a four track EP called Shades. That should, hopefully, come out in the next couple months. I say hopefully, because we’re massive perfectionists and it’ll probably turn into Chinese Democracy.

You’ve got a few dates booked in Bristol throughout April, what’s the rest of the year looking like for Fixtures?

We’re taking a little break from gigging after April to finish up the EP, and then we’re hitting the road in July. We’re stoked for it. Literally counting down the days. So, you should be able to catch us playing a tonne of rad little clubs during the summer.


Fixtures released Willow, a two track EP in November 2011. It’s a fantastic little release and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I genuinely cannot wait to hear Shades.

Willow is available to download now from Fixtures' Bandcamp page

You can enjoy the multi sensory treat that is the video for track HM03 below: