Krafty Kuts & Elite Force – Lowdown And Dirty @ Sound Control

Superstar DJs share the limelight to give Manchester the night it deserves

Where: Manchester
When: 03/03/12

I don’t often make the trip up the M62 for a night in Manchester, but tonight’s line up was unmissable. When these two come to town, you can always expect something special.

DJs Elite Force and Krafty Kuts are both legends in the brilliantly barmy world of breakbeat music. Krafty Kuts is one of the most manic DJ's around, constantly at the forefront of the genre. His 2006 début album, Freakshow, gave us amazing tracks such as 'Bass Phenomenon' with Tim Deluxe. Elite Force is one of the genre's biggest names, releasing seminal album No Turning Back in 2003. True to his word, he has been producing top level tracks ever since, and is one of the leading lights in electronic music.

The award winning Manchester club night Lowdown and Dirty aims to cover as many aspects of electronic dance music as it can, serving up the best in breaks, electro, techno and general bass-driven malarkey. Sound Control is the perfect venue for it; the loft used has a spacious dance floor with loads of room to throw yourself about, the staff are friendly and the crowd is always a great mix of people. Lowdown’s key asset though is their ability to book the brightest and best DJs; Stanton Warriors, Plump DJs and Scratch Perverts have all torn up the Lowdown dance floor.

This was a very special edition of Lowdown, with both Krafty Kuts and Elite Force celebrating the release of new albums. Krafty Kuts ‘Lets Ride’ is out soon on Instant Vibes, and if the promo mix is anything to go by it’s going to be a corker. Elite Force on the other hand is currently releasing RVMPD 2 online, a collection of remixes in which he’s set loose on acts ranging from the Chemical Brothers to Muse.

If I were to choose my perfect line up for a club night, both of these acts would be on it. Both are legends, but couldn’t be more different in their style. Krafty Kuts fires tune after tune at you in rapid succession like some sort of deranged musical machine gun. Jumping happily from hip-hop to breaks to drum and bass, he always keeps the crowd on their toes. Heavily influenced by funk and hip hop, he produces beats that are easy to dance to. Elite Force, on the other hand, builds slowly, allowing the audience to appreciate little intricacies before slamming down a heavy drop. More influenced by techno and electronica, his sound is loud, full of bass and downright filthy.

It was this contrast that made the night so special. Krafty was at his best, offering a chopped up mix of beats. My particular favourite was when he threw in ‘Otherside’ by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - a fantastic tune, and a great example of how Krafty isn’t afraid to think outside the box with his track selection. As for Elite Force, he was magnificent. I’d been told before about the refreshingly different way he plays dubstep, and his set was a perfect example of this. He doesn’t just throw a generic wobbly bassline at you, he twists and glitches it up which sounds incredible when worked into a breaks set. The sudden way he threw it in made sure the crowd stayed interested. The whole of his set was superb, the kind of bass driven, dirty breaks that the night deserved. Manchester DnB/dubstep crew Just Skank also deserve a shout out for running the bar area. It offered yet another different sound, and proved an excellent distraction from the main affair.

Lowdown is a really fun night, well worth checking out if you’re in the North West. Nights like this have a real special quality about them - the kind of quality that only DJs like Krafty and Elite Force can provide. Having said that, with a line up like this it’s easy to work yourself up and then be let down. This was not the case tonight. I had high hopes, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★