Interview: Wet Nuns

Pulled Apart By Horses and Arctic Monkeys love them. Find out why you should too.

Wet Nuns are a duo from Sheffield who make ridiculously superb dirty blues rock. But before we get into that, just take a moment to roll that name around in your mouth. Wet. Nuns. Fucking genius, right? The name of the band isn’t even the best thing about them, not by a long way. Wet Nuns have such a powerful sound that I really don’t need to tell you how blistering and high octane their songs are. It would be a waste of time to compare their music to a car chase involving zombies and dinosaurs that ends in a massive explosion with Bruce Willis also being there. And there’s absolutely no need for me to tell you that Wet Nuns are an absolute tour de force live who play with such vibrant intensity and indelible synchronicity that you leave feeling shaken, but safe in the knowledge that you’ve just witnessed one of the most exciting bands in the UK. I got Alexis (drums) and Rob (guitar) to answer some questions and, well, here are the results.

For the people that have never heard of Wet Nuns, how would you describe your music?

First of all, whoever hasn’t listened to us needs to ‘get a life’. Not listening to Wet Nuns is saaaaaaaad. And secondly, we sound like Satan wanking off a unicorn on the back of earwig, whilst having face eaten off by a Floridian crackhead.

Wet Nuns is such a good band name. How did it come about and would you ever change it?

Well, if you think about it, Wet Nuns is actually a dreadful name for a band. But people remember it, which is why we’re considering changing our name to The White Choccy Jazzies, or Aztec Majesty and the Cheese Void Dreams.

If you could be a member of any other band, which band would it be?

Curiously enough, we are actually forming a Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band. Working titles so far are Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival (CCRR) or Creedence Peewater Revival (CPR).

How did Wet Nuns come together and why did you decide to make music?

We came together by masturbating at precisely the same bpm and ferocity. We make music because it’s really fun, and we can make all sorts of tunes and it can all be played by Wet Nuns.

What albums are you excited to hear this year?

The xx, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Hives, Cancer Bats, Gallows, Coffinworm, Trash Talk, are all bands we believe are bringing out albums this year. Can’t wait.

Can you tell me some interesting facts about yourselves?

Alexis once lost 2 pints of blood out of his penis. This was nothing to do with our ‘coming together’. Rob has felled 7 trees in his life. And also dropped a flaming piano out of a tree.

Live music is essential to a band, in my opinion. What’s the last gig you went to, the best gig you’ve ever played and the best gig you’ve ever been to?

We went to see Slim Cessna’s Auto Club last night, even though they’ve been going for nearly 20 years, it was the first time they’ve ever played in this country, and hopefully they’ll come right back.

Being one of the best bands ever, most of our gigs are the best. We’ve had some pretty special gigs in Sheffield, the most being Tramlines at S1 Artspace, The Stockroom’s last night, Old Number 7, and Tramlines at The Bowery. We’ve also had some great gigs elsewhere, particularly in Scotland, Brighton, and Liverpool.

Our favourite gigs we’ve ever been to are...

Rob: The Pixies 2003, The Hives at Manchester Apollo, Eighties Matchbox at Corp, Mogwai at Bestival 2011, King Tuff and Nation Of Shopkeepers Leeds, Sleep at ATP 2012.

Alexis: The Black Keys at Leadmill, Black Diamond Heavies at The Shakespeare, 1349 at Manchester Moho, Slabdragger at Royal Park Cellars Leeds, Deer Tick in Manchester, and every time Kylesa have ever played.

You’re giving away your latest single, the incredible ‘Throttle’ Why is that, and when can we expect to hear some more music from you guys?

We just thought it’d be nice to give people free music for a bit. Not many people pay for music these days, unless it’s on nice vinyl. And it is on nice vinyl too, which sold out at Rough Trade. We’re also bringing out a new single very soon, so keep your ears peeled.

You’re playing at a few festivals this summer, what else have you got planned for this year?

We’re doing loads of gigs. Loads of gigs. And some recording. We might do another tour too…

I’m yet to catch you guys live. What’s a Wet Nuns show like?

Firstly, ‘get a life’. Secondly, watching our show is like watching 2 good mates have a great time, but you’re not sure why. We basically have loads of fun, and sometimes that involves talking loads of shit on stage.

If you were a type of wood, what wood would you be?

Manwood would be the wood we would be. What wood would you be?

The internet’s been described as both a blessing and a curse for the music industry. What side of the fence do you come down on?

Well, it’s a blessing for the sharing of amazing pictures, videos and music. Some great examples are:


As mentioned above, Wet Nuns are playing an awful lot of shows over the coming months so get yourself over to their website and find the nearest show to you, and go. I was lucky enough to see them a few weeks ago and was absolutely floored by how great they are. While you’re on their site, make sure you download the amazing ‘Throttle’. It’s free and it kicks so much arse it hurts.

Warning: the video below is not for the faint of heart!