Future Of The Left – The Plot Against Common Sense

Falkous & Co. rein in the pace but not the originality or wittily expressed vitriol.

Released: 11/06/12 on Xtra Mile

The latest full-length offering from Future Of The Left contains guitars sludgier than Glasto ’07, but this time with an additional hefty smattering of eccentric synth lines. But fear not! Although the pace of this album may vary more than in previous outings, it is still just as biting.

They almost get an extra point just for having a song named ‘Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop’ but actually the title, amazing as it seems, is nothing compared to the lyrics contained within; “At least Harry Potter has a proper story in the sense that the characters crave an ending if only to release poor Billy Corgan from his role as the titular character’s nemesis” Amazing and hilarious - Andy Falkous is a superb lyricist indeed and in this album has created a hugely entertaining social commentary.

‘Beneath The Waves An Ocean’ is a track that really gripped me from the first listen. It's something quite new for Future Of The Left – it's at a different pace altogether and has some close-to-anthemic moments. Yes, anthemic! Surprising and excellent, and the most likely on the album to find its way onto my next playlist.

‘City of Exploded Children’ talks of civil unrest – the lyrics cleverly juxtaposed with the almost ice-cream van-like jangly guitar riff. Props to newly acquired bass player Julia Ruzicka for a really meaty bass line on this track too.

Although this is a very well written and executed album there are one or perhaps two tracks that don’t quite seem to have the expected level of impact or originality such as ‘Goals In Slow-Motion’ which, towards the end, somehow feels like I’ve heard it all before. That said there is really little else negative I could say about this record... and to be honest, I didn't actually expect to like it.

There is just no denying the originality and talent in this band and they should probably be much ‘bigger’ than they are. This is a very strong album which is surprisingly hooky despite itself. I’m not going to say that this record is something I am likely to listen to while I fill my dishwasher or have a bath but given the right mood it will definitely get further airings - I just need to get really pissed off first.

Turn On: Beneath The Waves An Ocean, Cosmo’s Ladder

Turn Off: Goals In Slow Motion

UnderSong Rating
8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆