Reverend And The Makers – @Reverend_Makers 

Reverend And The Makers are back after a two year break - but was it worth the wait?

Released: 18/06/2012 on Cooking Vinyl

Reverand And The Makers' third album blasts straight into their classic Sheffield-accented sound with added dance in 'Bassline', their popular new single released as a free download back in February this year. Leaving no doubt that band are back on form it definitely gets you moving. Despite its wintery release date it makes for a brilliant summer soundtrack. It's already on my generic musical playing device and I can let it play a few times on repeat before changing it. Some have slated it, but I enjoy the cheesy satire of the living for the weekend dance scene, “all we care about is a lil bit o’ bump and grind... caution to the wind, inhibitions are lost, in the short sweet time til the moment it drops.”

Second track 'Out of the Shadows' is more conversational and tells a story whilst still being very danceable. This is followed by 'Shine The Light' in which the band break out the percussion and voice synth. Even more synth-y, almost grungy dubstep and a touch electro is 'Depth Charge', which I like up until it all goes a bit hip hop, I'm not sure that I like the track as a whole, but it illustrates another angle Jon ‘The Reverend’ McClure is capable of that I am sure some people will love.

'Warts N All' slows things down a little and lyrically is substantially darker whilst still holding the happy bopping beats and the out-of-no-where, yet perfectly fitting tender guitar pieces.

Changing the tone of the album completely, 'Yes You Do' goes more 1950’s Rock n Roll than modern sticky dance floor. It’s a love song with a hint of desperation, but ends very abruptly. However, like 'Depth Charge' it shows diversity in the Reverend and his Makers' musical interests and capability.

One of my favourite aspects of Reverend And The Makers is their ability to tell stories within their songs. 'The Wrestler' is a classic example of this. '1+0' also has a narrative, but is less catchy and somehow requires more concentration. The final track, 'What Goes Around' doesn’t possess the kick of some of the other tracks, which is a shame, but it wraps up the record smoothly and isn’t going to put me off from hitting play again.

Proving that going back to basics is often a great idea @Reverend_Makers feels fresh, catchy and vey danceable. It’s not revolutionary or part of a musical paradigm shift and it probably won’t change your life, but it’s a great mixture of a wonderful regional accent and brilliant beats. It is very listenable and I can picture it being part of countless personal sound tracks for summer 2012. (assuming summer comes back that is...)

Turn On: Baseline, Noisy Neighbour

Turn Off: 1+0, What Goes Around

UnderSong Rating
6.5/10 ★★★★★★½☆☆☆