The UnderSong Top Ten… Biffy Clyro Songs

This list is the result of many hours of ‘discussion’ between three massive Biffy Fans. I think we are still friends. The list is in no particular order (it was hard enough to pick only ten) and what we have tried to do is feature music from throughout their career. The problem with choosing a Biffy Clyro top ten is that they have a huge back catalogue of amazingly varied and interesting songs available, and all of them are really bloody good. Here goes!

1. Breatheher

A B-side from waaay back (27) this song showcases the most gorgeous harmonies and displays a knack for the tenderer side of things. Often played during acoustic sets.

2. Joy.Discovery.Invention

The song from which the title of first album, Blackened Sky was taken. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing it live will know the power of everyone singing, “Take me to your blackened sky,” all at once - goosebumps aplenty.

3. 27

Features beautifully evocative lyrics and sterling use of the falsetto. The way this song builds to a crescendo then pulls back again is really effective.

4. All the Way Down; Prologue, Chapter 1

This is a real masterpiece of songwriting in every way, but as wonderful as the whole thing is, it’s the dual vocal towards the end and the way it fits together that is just magical.

5. Questions and Answers

An early indication of what great choruses they can write. Such a great chorus, in fact, that it is announced in the lyrics! Fun video too.

6. Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave

Don’t let the beginning of this song fool you with its jaunty hand-claps. After lulling you into that false sense of security it will rip your heart out and stamp on it. The lyrics beg the question: “Do you believe in magic?” I do now.

7. There’s No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake

Biffy at their screamiest. The most fun you will have a Biffy gig and well-deserved of a place even just for the title!

8. As Dust Dances

Heartbreaking lyrics, pretty guitar and more lovely harmonies. Just a beautiful thing entirely.

9. Help Me Be Captain

This B-side is like The Captain’s evil twin. Its filthy sounding guitar riff and sinister lyrics the perfect antidote to the horn-driven and upbeat sounding single. Listen to one after the other for maximum effect.

10. Mountains

Massively popular, massively catchy, and just generally MASSIVE. If you’re ever going to use a confetti cannon now is the time.

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