UnderSong Unsigned: Nylon Sky

UnderSong explores the hottest unsigned acts tipped for the top. This week we bring you Guildford based band Nylon Sky.

That moment when in a small dark pub back room, a band steps up on stage, and within the first few drum beats, bass slaps, guitar riffs and words from the lead singers lips, you become profoundly aware you have stumbled upon something truly marvellous. It doesn't happen that often. But in Guildford, on Saturday May Fifth, at a live music event created for a dissertation, I got the tingles all over my body as Nylon Sky stepped into the spotlights and did their thing. By their second song I was captivated, and by the third decided I was pretty much in love.

Quality at unsigned nights is pretty high these days, however bands can be technically good but lack a certain flair or charisma, or vice-versa, or just somehow not quite fit together. Rarely does a band instantly impress to such a great extent musically and lyrically and have me rocking around like I have been listening to them for years.

The small room at the back of the Star Inn, Guildford, fittingly named, The Back Room, filled with people as the music built up. Lead singer Tony, guitarist Tommy, bassist Nai-ik, and drummer Stuart, jumped around in the flashing lights both on and off the stage. Everyone rocking their hair and even making a wall of death, in which most of the band participated, leaving the poor sound guy frantically attempting to plug everyone back in! The intimate nature of the space leant itself well to the boys rocking out with the audience.

No strangers to larger crowds, having played Guilfest 2011, the band were not deterred by the quite small audience at the start of their set. Their enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of music itself was lovely to see and was rewarded as the room filled up with friends, fans and fans-to-be.

Not just live do these boys excel. Not wanting to even wait until I got home I bought their EP (Barbie Heads & Computer Rooms) after the gig. The six track CD is packed with awesome tunes, each one getting me moving, and when it got to the end I whacked the entire thing on repeat. More than once, with no complaints from my housemates who all have eclectic tastes in music.

All in all Nylon Sky have created a ridiculously listenable EP, made a fantastic video, and star in a stunning live show. I just had to find out more about the boys and their plans for the future.

Who are you all? Tell me a tit-bit about yourselves, perhaps an interesting fact.

Tony: We are Nylon Sky and we live, love and breathe music.
Tommy: My name is Tommy and I play guitar for the band.
Stuart: Hello my name is Stu and I play drums for the band. I watch Loose Women when no one is home.
Nai-ik: Hello my name is Nai-ik and I play bass for the band. An interesting fact about me is I jumped off a ten metre diving board and I can’t swim.
Tony: Hello my name is Tony and I am the vocal communicator for the band. I have a Barbie head that I put on my finger when I freestyle and write.

How/when did you guys all meet?

Tony: Myself, Stuart and Tommy met in school at a talent show the school put on. The first thing we did was jam! We didn't even know each other but we all happened to be backstage at the same time and started to jam. We then met Nai-ik at a battle of the bands and all became very good friends. Eventually he completed the line-up and joined the band.

Back then did you imagine being in the band now and doing all these awesome things?

Stuart: I've always believed in the band but actually seeing all the amazing things that have happened is strange because I remember in our little band room at 15 years old thinking one day we will go out and play shows to hundreds of people and record our songs, and now it’s actually happening. It's surreal.

You’ve known each other a long time, you must have some funny stories...

Tommy: Too many to name. They involve, Touring, Recording, wedgies, penis’s, forks stuck in arms, snorting Chili sauce, fights, laughs, farts and too many others to name.

How would you describe yourselves, and your music to someone who hasn’t heard of you yet?

Nai-ik: An eclectic mix of alternative, rock and hip hop.

What has been your best gig you’ve played or been to? And why?

Stuart: Big Cheese Cave last year at Guilfest. The place was packed and the vibe was amazing!

A few of your songs seem to have a very personal story, which of your songs have the most special meaning to you? Why?

Tony: Every song means a lot to me. I only write songs that mean a lot to me. I wouldn't write something if it did not mean anything to me. It doesn't always have to be a deep song to mean something, they all mean something to me.

You're unsigned at the moment, who would you like to sign with?

Tommy: We just came off a single deal so we are free for the taking. Any label that sees our vision is the right label for us.

What is next for you guys/what's in the pipeline?

Nai-ik: We are currently writing our debut album, we are just about to sign a very good management deal (by the time this is out it will be probably be signed). So much in the pipeline. Touring a lot and hopefully heading overseas this year!

Who came up with the concept for your video for Man Down, did you draw straws for who got naked and who survived?

Tony: The director Matt came up with the concept and we were all game. We wanted Tommy to be the survivor because if you watch the video you really feel he is the man down.
Tommy: Tony came up with the ending scene, it was really awesome. I’m gay for pay.

Any more awesome videos and/or gigs planned?

Stuart: Yes we should have an amazing new video out soon. Otherwise we are just touring and writing this album!


In short: Nylon Sky = Four awesome guys bursting with potential. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for this band.

Here are some links to see and hear what I'm talking about:


Man Down video: