Walk The Moon – Walk The Moon

Cincinnati foursome display flashes of brilliance on an otherwise distinctly average album.

Released: 19/06/2012 on RCA

Walk The Moon sprung to prominence last year with the release of their insanely catchy single 'Anna Sun', which also features here on the band's sort-of debut album. Sort-of, because while they may have released a previous album and two EP's, this cobbles together songs from all three of these with only three previously unreleased tracks added.

I was one of those people hooked in by the fantastic 'Anna Sun', and consequently I can't help but be disappointed by the inconsistency of this album. The majority of the tracks sound fine on the surface and are perfectly designed for dancing to, but listen a little closer and you are hit, time and time again, by some facet that stops each song from being great. Usually, it's the lyrics. Some of this may be my own personal hatred of certain words, like 'baby', which unsurprisingly crops up a lot in second track 'Lisa Baby' and renders it unlistenable to my ears.

However, I can't imagine I'm the only one who dislikes constant cheesy references to someone's body in songs, which Walk The Moon do constantly. 'Jenny' is a prime example of this, with lines like “Jenny's got a body just like an hourglass... I want to be the sand inside”. In fact I'm not convinced any of the girls mentioned on this album (Jenny, Lisa, Anna) actually have faces, or if they have, Walk The Moon are too busy staring at their bodies to notice. Which, when you think about it, just gives the impression they're a bit pervy, and no one likes a creepy guy – except other creepy guys.

It really frustrates me when tracks like 'Shiver Shiver', which has so much potential with it's funky retro beat and fun falsetto chorus, fall victim to this type of lyrical let down. Ladies, if a man said “Shall we get intimate again?” to you, would you find this enticing? No. So don't say it, repeatedly, in a song. Again, 'Next In Line' is a brilliantly catchy slice of indie dance with a huge singalong chorus, but all the car-body innuendos get very tiresome very quickly.

There are, thank God, parts of the album that make up for the cringe-inducing nature of some of the others. While 'Anna Sun' has been updated in a way that loses some of the aggression and rawness of the single version, it still stands out. Opening track 'Quesidilla' captures the exuberance and joy of a new relationship and has a thumping, driving rhythm that's pretty irresistible. And then we have 'Iscariot', perhaps the most intriguing song on the album. It starts off simply with all the focus on Nicholas Petricca's intense vocals, and builds to something quite epic. It really is a beautiful track, and is leagues above anything else Walk The Moon have produced to date.

If you can get past the clumsiness of the lyrics then Walk The Moon is really just a fun, playful summer album. Try to take it seriously, and like me, you'll find yourself getting frustrated. It's an album for dancing to, but that's all really. Apart from 'Iscariot'. Seriously, where did that come from?

Turn On: Iscariot, Anna Sun

Turn Off: Lisa Baby, Jenny

UnderSong Rating
5/10 ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆