The Month In Music: Staff Picks – June 2012

A round up of the best tracks, albums and gigs from this month, as recommended by the people who make UnderSong.


Dip's Pick: Wot Gorilla? - Snow White
"The first song to be taken from Wot Gorilla’s? debut album Kebnekaise, out August 2012, is a fabulous math rock epic. Twisting, turning and constantly exciting. Snow White starts off brilliantly and then spends the next four minutes getting weirder and wilder."

Pete's Pick: Sucioperro - A River Of Blood
"Sucioperro have long been one of my favourite bands and when I heard that the first track from upcoming album Fused was streaming online I couldn't have been more excited. The track completely delivers and whets the appetite for Fused perfectly."

Harry's Pick: Royal Republic - Addictive

Kate's Pick: A Place to Bury Strangers - And I'm Up
"Lead single from their latest album "Worship" released this month is a gritty, distorted masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of this band live."

Charlie's Pick: Walk The Moon - Iscariot
"While I wasn't overly impressed with Walk The Moon's debut album (released earlier this month) I was blown away by this one track. Beautiful, intense and emotional without being overdone or cliched. Just wonderful."



Kate's Pick: Arcane Roots - Left Fire
"A stunning album that offers something new to love every time I listen to it, I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. The level of musicianship is phenomenal." Read Kate's review here.

Charlie's Pick: Fixers – We'll Be The Moon
"I didn't expect to like this album quite as much as I do as I'm not usually a huge lover of psychedelica, but We'll Be The Moon contains just the right amount of weirdness and mixes it with some straightforwardly brilliant tunes. A superb debut." Read Charlie's review here.

Dip's Pick: Future Of The Left - The Plot Against Common Sense
"Punchy, vicious and melodic music that backs biting, topical and intelligent lyrics, Future Of The Left return in fine form with their third studio album. Its excellence will constantly catch you off guard." Read our review here.



Charlie's Pick: Beirut – Field Day Festival, London 06/06/2012
"The high point of Field Day by a mile - the sun was shining, it was the time of day that festival crowds are at their most merry and the band played a superb set, leading the audience in a massive, feel-the-love sway-a-thon."

Dip's Pick: Tall Ships/Doctrines - Sailor Jerry’s Hotel Street, London 07/06/2012
"One of those rare evening where several great factors come together to form an absolutely excellent gig. The venue was incredible, the sound couldn’t be faulted either. The support act, Doctrines, blew me away and Tall Ships were just breathtaking. Ferocious and unburdened, they create the most gorgeous music and played it live with flair and intricacy, it was a treat to behold."

Pete's Pick: Biffy Clyro - Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon 08/06/2012
"Its been so long since Biffy have played live in the UK and they absolutely tore Swindon a new one. It was an amazing show (on a basketball court!) featuring new and old songs. A perfect show." Read our review here.

Laura's Pick: Black Sabbath - Download Festival 10/06/2012
"Watching Ozzy running around like a really happy goth toddler and Toni being... well, GOD... completely made up for the horrendous weather and general rubbishness (definitely a word) of that weekend."

Kate's Pick: Pearl Jam - Manchester Arena 20/06/2012
"A very close tie between Pearl Jam and Biffy Clyro for my gig of the month but Pearl Jam just edge it due to an outstanding setlist and their sheer exuberance on stage." Read Kate's review here.

Harry's Pick: The Daytonas - The Tunnels, Aberdeen 24/06/2012
"The small crowd meant the guys messed around, had a laugh and made it a one of a kind gig."

What were your musical highlights this month? Tell us in the comments box below!