Hold Your Horse Is – Frimley

Punchy and palatable debut album from Hold Your Horse Is dances between melodic and mental with style and finesse.

Released: 06/08/2012 on Apres Vous Records 

Hold Your Horse Is are a brilliant band from the south of England who draw influences from At The Drive In, Reuben and Refused, amongst others. Their debut album, Frimley follows a series of single and EP’s and is let loose onto the world on August 6th 2012.

Frimley is a frantic, furious collection of songs. From the juddering, pounding beginning of album opener 'Mumbler' to the final minutes of colossal, chaotic closer 'Tongues', Frimley is 41 jaw dropping minutes of thumping drums, punching basslines, vicious riffs and powerful screams that combine to create a full bodied and all encompassing sound that still manages to be fraught with wild and raw streaks of dangerous pandemonium.

It’s not all walls of fury-fuelled noise, however, as Frimley has many moments of melodic genius interspersed throughout the clattering breakdowns. These groovy islands sit happily in the oceans of bedlam that surround them and offer something to cling onto, juxtaposing the anger and confusion with beautiful moments of calm. Buchanan really exploits the change of pace, indulging in a slow build of delicate drum movements and intricate guitar loops that act as the backdrop for the vocals which are the real focus of the song. Given space to strut their stuff they shape and lead the track by the hand to its explosive and violent end.

Frimley is a record of two opposing halves that come together in a glorious mish mash of calm and crazed. The energetic breakdowns and unstoppable rhythms will first grab your attention, but the quieter moments offer depth and will reward you listen after listen with intelligent and catchy respites that still have the bass driven beauty but simply offer it up in a less frantic fashion. It sounds a little all over the place, but it's an excellently constructed album and one that flows with elegance and class.

Turn On: The Exit, Everything's So Mundane, Tongues

Turn Off: None

UnderSong Rating
9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆